Sponsorship Opportunities

One Child At A Time

Children Needing Sponsors

Anderson Ferlandi Ramirez Vasquez
Code: LP 053
Age: 8
Nutritional Level: +Y
Sulema Amareli Aldana Ramirez
Code: TS 001
Age: 6
Nutritional Level: Y
Yeimi Liseth Diaz Diaz
Code: PA 177
Age: 5
Nutritional Level: Y
Dinely Claribel Ramirez Gutierrez
Code: LV 162
Age: 8
Nutritional Level: Y
Yuleisy Alexandra Hernandez Mendez
Code: LV 122
Age: 4
Nutritional Level: -R
Roselia Diaz Garcia
Code: PA 007
Age: 9
Nutritional Level: Y
Sheilyn Judith Gutierrez Avaloz
Code: GR 224
Age: 6
Nutritional Level: Y
Cristobal Amador Avalos
Code: TI 214
Age: 5
Nutritional Level: +Y
Martilena Ramirez Perez
Code: GR 210
Age: 6
Nutritional Level: +Y


Join us in supporting the children of Guatemala! Sponsor A Child and a make a difference ONE LIFE AT A TIME!

How Sponsorship Works

Embrace Child Sponsorship is a unique ministry program that connects malnourished children in need with compassionate sponsors like you! Becoming a sponsor means giving Guatemalan children the chance to grow up healthy, educated and safe – forever changing their life and future. 

When you become a child sponsor,  your donation goes directly to the child you sponsor making a huge impact on the life of that child and the family! You just might find that it changes you, too.

  • A welcome email package, including a photo and information about the child you sponsor.
  • Annual updates and ongoing communications highlighting the impact of sponsorship on the Embrace children. 
  • The joy of knowing you’re truly making a difference! 
  • Monthly food distribution
  • chicks
  • Health education 
  • Other


Other Frequently Asked Questions About Child Sponsorship
  • For 2023, sponsorship is $40 a month for basic benefits. Additional benefits can be added for an additional $6.50 for protein and $5.00 for transportation.
  • Beginning January 1, 2024 sponsorship is $50 per month, which includes transportation. Protein can be added for an additional $10 per month.

Your sponsorship is truly an investment in children’s lives and futures!

You will receive an annual, sometimes semi-annual email update with your Sponsor Child’s health data along with a Christmas photo. 
Child sponsorship is a voluntary, ongoing contribution. You decide how long you’re able to help. Children remain in the program for 3-5 years, graduating out to make room for new incoming Children. 
Unfortunately no. Because there is no mail system in Guatemala and the complexity of translating messages Embrace cannot accommodate personal letters. 

YES!  Join one of the Short-Team trips that can be found on Servant Ministries website. An optional  highlight of nearly every trip is the Embrace “Adopt-A-Child” activity. At this activity, your Sponsor Child will be invited to attend and you will have the opportunity to spend part of a day playing games, doing crafts, swimming, shopping, and having lunch.

Sometimes, sponsors finish off their day by doing a “home visit” with their child and family.  This is a truly enlightening experience that will allow you to see first-hand how the family lives and to see the difference that you are making in their lives, as a sponsor! 

How To Sponsor A Child

What Sponsors Say

We have been blessed to sponsor 2 children in the Embrace program. Getting to meet them and invest in their physical needs and praying for their spiritual lives has been wonderful. They are definitely children we will never forget.
Kent and Robin Barber
My sponsor child has changed the way that I experience the world, how I view my life, and the ways that I interact with those around me. God has blessed me with the finances to be able to support Saira and her family and I will be forever grateful for the blessing that the Embrace Program has brought me and many others.
Hannah Welton
My experience has been humbling. The Embrace program allows me to take that to another level; not only to the child, but also to the family. It gives definition to being the hands and feet of the Lord. Getting to meet the child and spend time with them has been very enjoyable, enlightening and one of the things I look forward to most when doing a short-term trip.
Curtis Boston