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Embrace Entries Updates for June 2018

Our June meetings brought the celebration of the children who have birthdays in April, May and June. We bring the children up front and sing to them and pray over them. Each is given a small gift and those that have an active sponsor also receive a coupon with a small amount to be spent at the ministry clinic’s store, as a remembrance of their birthday. For most, this is the only recognition that they will get for their birthday!

We asked the families how their gardens are doing and got good feedback. The rains have started now and so it makes the watering easier. Everyone is enjoying radishes and cilantro from their gardens now and onions are being harvested by some; to use as scallions. It is a good timing that we selected to start this project because it is the time of year when families struggle to feed their families. Their corn from last year’s harvest is usually depleted and the people struggle to buy corn to at least be able to give their families tortillas to eat. What they receive from Embrace and from their gardens is really a very needed assistance in this time period.

We started adding 20 lbs. of corn to the food bags that the children receive. The corn crop has been planted but now they await its harvest. We will do this for 3 months, to give them some extra corn as they await their new harvest.

A devotional was shared about “The Peace of God” and a talk given about “Respect”. Dr. Evelyn, a local doctor that assists us often, came to give a talk to the girls from 9-12 years old after some of the meetings. She talked to them about menstruation and other changes that they would see. Mothers do not talk to their daughters here about such things. Someone that has come to Guatemala, a number of times, had donated us some kits that have reusable feminine products for the girls and these were handed out to the girls.

I want to give a huge thank you to our sponsors that responded to our mid-year “Shoe Project”! You are amazing! We are doing the calculations, but it appears that it will come out to exactly what was needed to cover every Embrace child. With the extra given by those who participated; it is enough to cover every child. I am so happy! Next month will be fun to see the children pick their shoes. Thank you so much for making a difference in your Embrace child’s life! You are truly impacting their lives in so many ways.


Embrace Program

Garden in a Bag



Approx. Quantity of Seeds

1 Spinach 450
2 Coriander 9000
3 Chard 300
4 Zucchini 25
5 Radish 540
6 Beet 250
7 Onion 2250
8 Organic fertilizer 10 pounds

190 families benefited

For further information on how you can participate in sponsoring a child contact either:
Doug and Sandi Reed or Nancy Sheldon