Embrace Entries Updates for April 2019

April’s monthly meetings were full of many activities. The children were weighed and their nutritional levels recorded. This is done every 3-4 months. There was a devotional teaching given from Matthew 11:28 on “Resting in God”.

An agricultural engineer came to give a talk on home gardens. We are going to repeat the project that we launched last year; “Garden in a Bag”. Justo talked to the families about growing vegetables and how to prepare an area before next month’s meetings. Next month they will be given the actual seeds and some fertilizer to implement this project. We found that most of our families had a good measure of success with this last year and it provided an extra source of many vegetables for their families’ consumption. We will give you more details next month when the seeds are handed out.

The families that have home latrines were given a toilet brush. They are also given bleach so that they can keep both their latrines hygienically clean as well as disinfect their fruit and vegetables that they use. Some of the newer products were explained to the families; as to their use and some ideas on how to incorporate them into their diets.

Just a heads up; you should have recently received a message that tells you how you can do something extra for your Embrace children; through our “Mid-Year Blessing”. Please make sure you take time to open and read the message and see how you can bless your Embrace children. The Embrace children are being impacted and it is because of our faithful sponsors that their health is improving. Thank you, sponsors, for all that you do!

Together we can accomplish much,
Nancy Sheldon


For further information on how you can participate in sponsoring a child contact either:

Doug and Sandi Reed

Nancy Sheldon