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Embrace Entries Updates for November 2018

October gave us quite a bit of rain. We hope that it will give the families what they need to give a good harvest for their second planting. We weighed the children, measured their height and did the evaluation of their nutritional level. We also finished off the last of the annual family interviews in October. Data is being updated to provide our sponsors with the latest information that we have from the families and will be passed along in the form of our Family History Sheet 2019.

Decisions have been made as to what children will be graduating out of the program at the end of the year. A number of things are taken into account. We have set 5 years as a cap as to the time that a child can stay in the program. By this time the family has received a wealth of teaching in many areas to assist with their family’s welfare as well as the practical food and health benefits that have brought their child to a better place in their general health. Sometimes this goal can be accomplished in less time. Sometimes the circumstances have changed in a family; better employment, boys in the family coming to an age where they can go out to work and assist the family etc. Everyone still has need but “need” is relative and we try to reach out to those who have the most desperate need.

Sponsors will receive notification some time in later November to let them know if their child will be graduating out of the program. The children will continue through the December meetings, to enjoy the Christmas Extras that happen. IF you receive a notice that your child is leaving the program; we encourage you to consider taking on a new child, to begin the process to “good health” all over again. The child leaving the program is a testament to the many health benefits that they received from their sponsors and the difference that it made in their lives. It is bitter sweet, especially for sponsors who have met their child face-to-face and gotten to know them; but it is wonderful to know that what you did has brought them to a place of good health. We hope that you will be willing to help another child in need and repeat the process.

Abner gave a devotional from Philippians 2:3-4 about serving with humility. He also gave a talk about “Rights and Responsibilities” of both parents and children and touched topics such as education, a place to live, working together as a family etc.

We have the final tally for our Christmas packets. It looks like it will be a very good Christmas for our Embrace children. We look forward to starting our buying and sharing pictures with you of our Christmas distributions!



For further information on how you can participate in sponsoring a child contact either:
Doug and Sandi Reed or Nancy Sheldon