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Embrace Entries Updates for February 2018

February is the month that we give full medical physicals to every Embrace child. We did lab work in January and so the doctors had the child’s results as they were giving their “check-ups”. We have seen just how important these annual physicals are. It always brings to light some health issues that we were unaware of and allows us to provide the treatment that the child needs to improve.

The Embrace children have access to our ministry clinic, whenever it is open; and many take advantage of that. But these annual check-ups are mandatory and so we know that no one is slipping through the cracks and that we can do all that we are able to do to help these children in their health care.

The recent team that was here in February helped with the preparation of some of our food bags this month. They did the vitamins for all 5 of the monthly meetings and weighed out the milk to cover the month. As we have taken back the preparing of the food bags, we are adding some new items to the bags; to give the families some more variety. Oatmeal was added this month; something that they like and that is very filling. I have been looking at the stores that we deal with and talking to different people to find some new ideas for what we can include in the monthly food bags.

Special thanks to the sponsors who received a new child to begin sponsorship with for 2018; after having your last child graduate out of the program. You are beginning the process anew, to help bring a child from being malnourished to a healthy state. We continue to look for new sponsors so that we can reach out to more children in eastern Guatemala, where there is so much need. Together, we can make a huge difference! Thanks to our faithful sponsors, we are transforming these children’s lives!

For further information on how you can participate in sponsoring a child contact either:
Doug and Sandi Reed or Nancy Sheldon