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Embrace Entries Updates for September 2018

First, I want to give you some follow up from last month. We distributed 305 pairs of shoes. The 39 boys that are in the program all chose one pair of shoes. From the girls, 32 of them chose one pair of shoes and 117 of the girls chose two pairs of the less expensive shoes. This was an excellent outreach and one that I would like to repeat in the future. A side note, because I’m sure that many of you noted how many more girls that we have in Embrace over boys. In many cases boys are still valued more than girls in the mountains, due to being able to do the field work etc. Therefore, they are many times fed before the girls and thus we find many more girls who are malnourished. A sad fact, but unfortunately still true.

We took a survey last month of how people’s gardens were doing. We wanted to keep the sponsors informed but the info will also be very useful for us in the future to make some changes in the seeds that we select. Below is a table that shows the results of the families’ gardens. All but 7 families planted their seed; which was a very positive thing to note. The differences in the level of success could be due to many factors including their soil, availability to water, general care, use of fertilizer etc. Overall, I am very encouraged with the results and it is very timely to have the families have an extra food source as we are experiencing a drought year, and most will not have a harvest from their corn that was planted.

Families that Planted Seed = 181
Seed Successfully Grew Not Successful in Growing
Radishes 146 35
Cilantro 152 29
Spinach 41 140
Onions 113 68
Beets 52 129
Squash 53 128
Chard 69 112


We started doing our annual interviews in August. We go through their family history that we have on file and see if there is any info that needs to be updated. This takes us 3 months to accomplish; doing interviews both before and after each monthly meeting. New Family History Sheets are sent to the sponsors, along with a new annual photo, after all the information is received and compiled.

Abner gave a devotional teaching on “God is my Strength” from Psalms 27:1. He also gave a talk about the importance of health. The children received their bi-annual parasite treatments. It is very hard for the people to be parasite free with the living conditions that they have but these treatments go a long way in at least staying on top of the situation and not allowing it to advance too much in the health of the children. As mentioned above, we have not received the rain that was needed to give the people a good first planting of their crops this year. Most families have lost their corn planting; it dried up due to the lack of rain. A few did try to replant and hoping that the rains come more consistently now to give them some kind of harvest. For most, it will be a hard time of not having enough food for their families. A second planting is generally done in early September; but the harvest for that will not come until late November or so. Please pray for the rains to increase and to provide enough moisture for the crops to grow and the people to have food to feed their families.

You make such a difference in the life and health of the children that you sponsor, and I want to tell you how very much that we appreciate all that you do!


Embrace Program

Garden in a Bag



Approx. Quantity of Seeds

1 Spinach 450
2 Coriander 9000
3 Chard 300
4 Zucchini 25
5 Radish 540
6 Beet 250
7 Onion 2250
8 Organic fertilizer 10 pounds

190 families benefited

For further information on how you can participate in sponsoring a child contact either:
Doug and Sandi Reed or Nancy Sheldon