Embrace Entries Updates for January 2019

December was a fun month with the Embrace children. We had done our quarterly birthday celebration in November so that December could be all about focusing on Christmas. We had a devotional about staying close to God and then a Christmas video for the families.

This was the best Christmas that we have had in years. Even though just a little over half of our sponsors responded to our special Christmas giving; those that did give went the extra mile to contribute toward our Extra Blessing giving. This Extra Blessing allowed every child to have a full food bag; that included some special treats for Christmas such as chocolate and coffee….which is a typical tradition here at Christmas. Every child who was not receiving anything extra; also received a blanket, a hygiene basket that had a towel, wash cloths, soap, shampoo and a toy. We have some awesome sponsors and I am so grateful for their heart to reach out to the children for Christmas. Almost without exception, this will be the only Christmas celebration that these children had. It was so fun to watch their sweet faces and see their smiles as they received their Christmas blessings.

We said goodbye to 37 children who are leaving the program. Many of these families had special words to express their thankfulness for all that Embrace has brought to their children while they were in the program. Many wanted to give me a special hug and there were tears shed.

We had three registrations during December and signed up 28 new children into the program. Those, along with the children that have been without a sponsor, will be children that we are trying to cover with sponsors. Many of our sponsors who had their children graduate out of the program have expressed that they want to start the process all over again with a new child. Praise God for their willingness to bring this blessing to another Guatemalan child.

For all our Embrace sponsors who made this Christmas time of celebration what it was; thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart! You are amazing! Help us to spread the word about the Embrace program. We would like to take in at least another 100 children into the program; but we need to find the sponsors who want to bring this life changing blessing to children that are very much in need! Let us know if you find interested people.

For further information on how you can participate in sponsoring a child contact either:

Doug and Sandi Reed

Nancy Sheldon