Embrace Entries Updates for March 2019

February was our second month for our “Annual Health Months” that we provide for the Embrace children. Every child received a full physical by a Guatemalan doctor. The results of their lab reports, from last month, were available to take into account for any issues that the doctors detected. The majority of the children received some kind of medicine for amoebas and all received the general parasite anti-worm pills that are given bi-annually. They were also given whatever medicines that the doctors felt were needed; so, it is a good opportunity to know about the general well-being of all of our Embrace children. The children were also weighed and evaluated for their level of nutrition.

We had a registration in February to sign up some more children. We found two children who need physical therapy and also sent some to our ministry clinic to be enrolled in the milk program for babies and toddlers. Doug and Sandi, that are our Directors over Communication with the sponsors are here for an extended stay and were able to see this registration process and the screening process that we use to select Embrace candidates. This was their first time to see a registration. Understanding yet another facet of the program helps them to be able to even more effectively communicate with our sponsors regarding the Embrace program.

Sergio is the little six-year old boy that we shared about last month; that was registered into the program, weighing only 15.6 lbs. Sergio has now been on his extra supplements of Pediasure and the Plumpy Nut peanut butter for about a month and a half. We are so happy to report that he has increased his weight to 24 lbs; an increase of 55% of his initial body weight! He is also becoming a steadier on his feet and beginning to take steps with a little assistance. He is receiving physical therapy and will also receive speech therapy down the road. What a miraculous change that we are seeing in this little boy; and all thanks to a sponsor that wanted to go the extra mile to provide this extra assistance. We will continue to monitor Sergio and let you know how he is doing.

For further information on how you can participate in sponsoring a child contact either:

Doug and Sandi Reed

Nancy Sheldon