Embrace Entries Updates for August 2020

We still had our monthly meeting without the children being in attendance. July is one of our two months out of the year that we distribute the filtration piece for the families’ water filters. A talk was given to remind them of the importance of using their filters, of its care and maintenance; and those who were due for their annual replacement piece, received them. The families brought their child’s shoe size so that we can organize the order for the shoes from our “Middle of Year Blessing” project. It should at least be a help to place the order for shoes although I suspect that all measuring wasn’t totally accurate. We are going to try to wait to hand them out until the children can actually be at a meeting and try them on.

We interviewed each family to know how their home gardens are doing; which seeds sprouted, how they are growing etc. Some seed/plants were lost due to heavy rains but most have a lot growing and many are harvesting radishes, cilantro and cucumbers so far. Some brought pictures to show us, I was impressed with a cucumber that looked to be about 10-11” long that they had harvested!

The results from the interviews that we did last month for the chicken project showed the following results:

Results of Chickens, 4 Months After Delivery:
208 Families Participated
Number of Live Chickens by Family:
Families w/12 Chickens Families w/11 Chickens Families w/10 Chickens Families w/ 9 Chickens Families w/8 Chickens Families w/7 Chickens Families 2/6 Chickens or Less
130 30 20 8 6 4 10
62.5% 14.5% 9.5% 4% 3% 2% 4.5%


I think that these are very good results. Between 85-90% of all families have at least 10 chickens. With proper management, this should allow the families to have eggs, increase the amount of chickens by letting some hatch into chicks and also provide occasional meat for the families. The people have been very excited about this project!

We called to check the status on the Bible storybooks that we ordered as part of the “special project money” that we received at the end of 2019. These were initially scheduled to arrive in June, with anticipation of handing them out in July. With all of the craziness that is going on with the pandemic, the shipment has been delayed and it may be a couple more months before we are able to get those handed out to the children.

We have continued to work on some latrines for our Embrace families. The initial 17 were completed and the materials were ordered to do 25 more latrines. The project manager is working on making the housing units for the latrines. Families from the village of Matazano have dug their holes in preparation and the installation of their latrines is in process. Our project manager does home visits to recommend the placement of the latrine and instruction on how the family is to do the holes in preparation for the installation. All of our families from the following villages, that did not show having a latrine in their files will be receiving one: Matazano, El Volcan, Lela Chanco, Nearer, Rodeito, Camotan, Jocotan, Lantiquin and Pacren. This is a huge blessing for these families!

We have 13 little girls that are in need of a sponsor. Normally we find new sponsors during my fundraising trips but unfortunately my southern trip was cancelled this year and it remains to be seen if I can do my northern trip. Can you help us find sponsors for these children? Maybe you would consider taking on another child or maybe you can encourage a friend, family member, your church etc. to begin sponsorship. There is information on Embrace’s webpage on how to begin sponsorship or you can contact Doug and Sandi Reid at dougandsandi@servantministries.net


A Personal Profile

We want to give you a better look at just what the Embrace program can do to change the life of a child. We found Sergio in December 2018; he was brought to our registration to find new children to sign up for the Embrace program. Sergio has 6 other siblings in his family; he is also a special need child. Sergio’s biggest issue was that he was emaciated; he was six years old and he weighed 15.6 lbs! That is the weight of a child less than a year old, even here in Guatemala! He was truly nothing more than skin and bones. The mom allowed us to take some pictures, away from the view of others, without his shirt; to see his true condition. As much as the Embrace program provides; we knew that this was a special case where MORE was required! Thanks to a sponsor who took Sergio on and was willing to send extra; we were able to put Sergio on Pediasure milk and also on a product, called Plumpy Nut; that we make from peanut butter, oil, powdered sugar and powdered milk. Sergio had never walked in his 6 years; strictly due to the fact that he had no strength or muscle development to allow him to do so. After only 19 days of being on the “extra assistance” that we gave him; Sergio took his first “assisted steps”, with his mother holding his hands. In just six months, Sergio has more than doubled his body weight! On the nutritional chart that we use to evaluate the children; he went from extreme dark red (which is critical malnourishment) to coming into green (which is a healthy level of nutrition for a child in proportion to their height and weight)! Sergio is building his confidence to begin to walk on his own and strengthen the muscles that are finally developing for him; due to the proper nutrition and assistance that he has received! It has been a pure joy to see the transformation of this child and to realize the difference that can be made; as we give that child their needed nutrition. It is a testimony to the Embrace program and to 100s of sponsors that we have that make that change available to the children that they are helping. We praise God for the change that we have seen in Sergio and hope that it has impacted you as well. Help us to find more sponsors to begin to make that difference in the life of other children! The children are “out there”; we just need people who want to reach out to them and see that transformation happen!

For further information on how you can participate in sponsoring a child contact either:

Doug and Sandi Reed

Nancy Sheldon