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Embrace Entries Updates for April 2018

We implemented our new project of the “Garden in a Bag” for each of our Embrace families in April. We continue to try to think of new ways to make our sponsorship funds stretch to bring about the most benefit to our families. As we did in March, as well, some training and instruction was given as to how these gardens should be planted and cared for. We will ask the families about the success of their gardens and see how successful this outreach will be in the months to come. We hope that it will be something to help the families provide greater food sources that are also filled with good nutrition for their families. There is a table below that shows what each family received. Along with the seed, they also received 10 lbs. of organic fertilizer to help their garden produce maximum yield.

Abner asked the families for feedback on some of the new products that they have been receiving in recent months. There was a lot of very positive comments about how they are enjoying the new items that we have been putting in their food bags. This month they received some instant mashed potatoes in a bag. The workers prepared some for the people to try and everyone loved them. They also received a new kind of cereal and a different kind of juice, that were “new items”.

Abner gave a talk on the importance of taking care of their latrines and maintaining them. Every family received a “toilet brush” this month to assist them in keeping their latrines clean.

There will be a letter sent to our sponsors very soon, regarding a different “Mid-Year Special”. We are going to try something different this year and hope that our sponsors will get on board to participate. Watch for the upcoming communication.

Embrace Program

Garden in a Bag



Approx. Quantity of Seeds

1 Spinach 450
2 Coriander 9000
3 Chard 300
4 Zucchini 25
5 Radish 540
6 Beet 250
7 Onion 2250
8 Organic fertilizer 10 pounds

190 families benefited

For further information on how you can participate in sponsoring a child contact either:
Doug and Sandi Reed or Nancy Sheldon