February was our second “Health Month”; where we really focus on how the children are doing in their health and trying to detect if there are any issues that need to be addressed.  Every child received an examination by a Guatemalan doctor and giving them the results of the lab work that was done on each child in January.  We give biannual parasite treatment for the most common parasite (worms) that exist but the lab work shows if we need something stronger to address more serious parasites.  We picked up a couple of new sponsors through recent teams that were here and had the chance to spend some time with one of our Embrace children that were in need of a sponsor.  The recent team also included some “home visits” which really gives a sponsor a true view of how their family lives and how remote they are.  It helps them see the reality of how much their sponsorship is assisting the entire family of the child that they sponsor.  We registered a few more children that were found through the medical team that came in January.  Together, we are providing a much better life for these precious children!

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