February was our Health Care Month.  Every child got a medical checkup; done by Guatemalan doctors.  We had the results of their lab testing that had been done in January and that helped the doctors to be aware of any problems.  I am thrilled to say that we had whole meetings with none of the children having amoebas and a high percentage that did not have the more common types of parasites.  We try to teach the families the proper way to disinfect their fruit and vegetables and talk about proper food preparation and personal hygiene.  Someone must have been listening; this is the best results that we have ever had for seeing a drastic improvement in the children in this area.  Praise the Lord!

On February 27, we handed out chickens and feed to the 38 new families that have come into the Embrace program since we did this outreach last year.  Each family having a dozen egg laying chickens is huge and a tremendous way to provide extra protein for the family.  We actually give each family vitamins for their chickens every month; to improve the egg production and to keep their chickens healthy. 

We have picked up some new sponsors with the recent teams who have been in Guatemala and done our Adopt-a-Child activity.  Spending time with the child and getting to know them personally, and in some cases doing a home visit; puts child sponsorship on another whole level.

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