Children Needing Sponsors

The following children have been recently enrolled in the Embrace Program, or have lost their sponsor, and are in need of a sponsor.

Name: Carin Maritza Garcia Arias
Code: EL 002
Age: 7
Nutritional Level: -G* (Kwashiorkor)
Name: Jackeline Gabriela Mendoza Garcia
Code: LN 039
Age: 9
Nutritional Level: +Y
Name: Fernanda Sofia Amador Martinez
Code: C 061
Age: 5
Nutritional Level: +Y
Name: Rut Guisela Hernandez Lopez
Code: CR 080
Age: 4
Nutritional Level: Y
Name: Mileydi Elizabeth Ramirez Perez
Code: GUY 075
Age: 6
Nutritional Level: +Y
Name: Santa Marciana Raymundo Espino
Code: LO 076
Age: 4
Nutritional Level: +Y
Name: Marielsy Ester Avalos Raymundo
Code: TI 094
Age: 4
Nutritional Level: +Y

Nutritional Levels:This represents the child's level of nutritional need, based on the porportion of weight to height.

Green - This is a good level of nutritional proportion; where we want to get the children and maintain them there for a full year before graduating out of the program. 
Yellow - Represents that the child is underweight. 
Red - Represents that the child is fully malnourished. 
Dark Red - Represents that the child is in critical care levels.

* There is a different kind of malnourishment that does not read on the chart used for this and that we evaluate just by sight and other physical characteristics; such as highlights in hair, hair falling out, being bloated etc.

Ready to Take the Next Step???????

  1.  If you have selected a particular child that you would like to sponsor, then please write me at to give me the code number, name of the child and your intent to sponsor. I will have the webmaster put a “hold” on that child while we await your payment.
  2. Decide whether you will be providing the basic benefits or want to add on either the transportation or meat package to your monthly sponsorship.
  3. Send your first payment(s) to the Michigan office.  Checks should be made payable to “Embrace” and sent to:
    Servant Ministries
    PO Box 596073
    Fort Gratiot, MI 48059
    (Make sure you have the child's name and code number on the memo line.)
  4. The child will begin to receive their benefits after your third payment. Many new sponsors opt to send in 3 months of payments initially so that the child can begin to receive their benefits as soon as possible. The child will always receive those extra two retroactive months at the end of your sponsorship but it gives a cushion to not interrupt the child receiving their monthly benefits.
  5. After your payment(s) are received, you will receive communication from our Directors of Sponsors’ Communication that will give you options for future payments and answer any questions you have in regards to your sponsorship.
  6. Thank you for making the choice to make a difference in the life of a child!